Beowulf Institute's Bottlewasher

I was born in Canada, the last of six children, with ancestry tracing mostly to the British Isles and Scandinavia, with a sprinkling of French and Dutch heritage. My ancestry traces to heroes and rogues in early America, and to Vikings, kings, and less-known troublemakers in earlier Europe. One such line, the Leavitts, which was an early French-speaking line, was apparently Levitical (descending through a Moses Leavitt.) If so, I have a fun blend of Celtic/Germanic/Israelite heritage. As to the latter, those from any Abrahamic faith/heritage (Jewish, Christian, or Muslim) are under obligation through Abrahamic promises to be a benefit to mankind. And such is the intent of this little website.

Raised by awesome parents who migrated us to the United States when I was little.

Raised for about a decade on the east coast. Then roughly a decade on the west coast. Lived and served in northern Europe in the mid-1980's. During my time there, I occasionally had time to walk along historic earthworks in Denmark and northern Germany, places that had witnessed tragic conflicts among Germanic neighbors. Reading later of one such conflict, I came across the accounts of two people who had lived near the German/Danish border. One was a farmer, who essentially said "we were all friends until they came with big books and maps and said we must become enemies." Another was the account of a soldier living near the border who fought in the Danish army in a battle against a German force that included his brother, one of whom died that day. The surviving brother prayed and wept at length, that one of his bullets might have been to blame. May the day come when we think likewise of all mankind.

Returning to the states, I served in the National Guard in two Military Intelligence Linguistics units, serving merely as an admin, since prior to 9/11, a non-citizen (Canadian) couldn't be granted the security clearance needed to serve as a linguist in the United States. Was never deployed. Eventually earned a degree in Social Sciences/History, essentially an anthropology degree (language, history, religion/mythology) after studying European culture at both BYU and the University of Washington.

Was privileged to convince a young lady to marry me, who was patient with me and my research for many years. Had the privilege to adopt overseas children. An international family spanning two continents and three nations.

A good chunk of my work was in Human Resource Development, mostly in organizational training, in corporate, academic, and federal settings.

I have been researching and writing things related to history and comparative religion since the first biography of a Scandinavian forefather and his wife, published back before the invention of electricity.

Grateful for a mother and brother who encouraged me to love research, history, and heritage. Grateful for a college teacher who taught me to finally enjoy writing (and for the high school teacher who wanted to teach me, before I was willing to learn). Grateful to the hundreds of modern and early authors, scribes, and librarians, and for those who funded such, who have thereby informed my walk.